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What We Buy

We are always looking to buy the following types of music on LP Record: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Indie, Metal, Reggae, HipHop, Classic Rock and Alternative Rock. From time to time, we also purchase Older Country, Pop, World Music and Electronic.

Unfortunately, we do NOT purchase the following types of music: Classical, Big Band, Easy Listening (James Last, etc.), Crooners (Humperdink, etc.), Francais, Dance

How To Sell

If you would like to sell your items, feel free to drop by the store any time during business hours and one of our buyers will provide you with a quote based on condition and current supply and demand. If you are bringing more than 50 items, it is best to call the store first to be sure we have not filled our purchasing quota for the day. We can do house calls depending on the size and quality of the collection.

LPs must be in very good condition---Vinyl must have no deep scratches or warps (light markings and dirt/dust are ok). Covers/jackets are preferred to have no rips, tears or water damage. If your LPS have any mould on them whatsoever, PLEASE DO NOT bring them in---we will not buy them under any circumstances. Thanx!

CDs must also be in very good condition---Discs must have little to no scratches. Booklets must have little wear or tears. Cases are preferred not to be cracked, but this would be overlooked if the disc and booklet are both in good condition.

We pay cash for used goods, and a higher value in store credit. You can call, email or drop by the store for more information.

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